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Rivers are becoming “silent” dump and flow channels of land-based sources of litter


  • Awareness raising to reduce and prevent plastics from land-based sources of in aquatic environment
  • Expansion of Circular Economy

Several Stakeholders

  • Fast-food
  • Local markets
  • Restaurants
  • Beach and river bars
  • Hotels and local accomodation
  • Fisherman and shelfish collectors
  • Users of public areas, beaches and coastal areas

Geographic Areas

  • Mapa de localização do projeto



- Expected Outcomes

A1. Awareness | Monitoring

  • 24 awereness-monitoring actions in rivers and riverbanks
  • 240 participants from general public and HORECA channel
  • 365 plastic litter itens collected and sorted for pedagogical collection

A2. Awareness | Formation - Best Practice Guide and Seal

  • 14 awareness - formative actions
  • 70 best practice seal adherence
  • 5000 best practice guides distributed
  • 20% ↑ plastic collection for recovery
  • 40% ↓ single use packaging and plastic bottles

A3. Awareness | Artistic Elements

  • 15000 interactions with informative contents > Aquamuseu
  • 25000 interactions with artistic elements > Bienal of Cerveira
  • 125000 interactions with information and art > public areas, riverine beaches and coastal areas
  • 500000 interactions with information and art > digital channels


  • Active citizen participation in monitoring actions
  • Engagement of different stakeholders towards Best Practices
  • Massive awareness of tourists during beach season trough Artistic installations
  • Dissemination via digital channels and national and international events




Tell us how the plastic issue is important to you!
Does it inspire you to create something that can call people´s attention ?
Put ON your creative mindset and let art flow…


  • English info
    On social media and LowPlast webpage we can share your reflections about plastic pollution, and disposable plastic, if you send us:
    - Photographs
    - Short and informal videos (up to 1 minute)
    We can also share news about the creative process if you feel motivated to participate more actively
    Hope you can come to Portugal and present your work ;)


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- Contact person
Patrícia Louro 
Skype: patricialouro
Wtsp 00351927474374

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