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Conheça as artistas plásticas vêm da Noruega, para uma residência artística em Vila Nova de Cerveira, no âmbito do projeto LowPlast I

15 Setembro 2021

Britt Knoff (1966)
Britt, vive em Moss no sul da Noruega e estuda na instituto interdisciplinar de artes DTK. Trabalha artisticamente em artes visuais e tem uma curiosidade natural pelo desconhecido e pela investigação. Também estudou pintura na escola de artes Nydalen. Desenvolve o seu trabalho artístico no espaço “ The Arthub” em Sarpsborg em colaboração com Pia Kjølberg.


Britt Knoff (1966)
Britt lives in Moss, southern Norway, and studies at DTK art school. She works interdisciplinary in the visual arts and has a natural curiosity for the unknown and research. She also studied painting at Nydalen Art School and graduate engineer in construction and architecture. She develops art work at "The Arthub" in Sarpsborg, in collaboration with Pia Kjølberg.

- Hello Britt! You will come to Portugal soon, how do you describe your experience within LowPlast project, so far?
Sustainable art, recycling and exploring new ways to transform the waste, is something that is close to my heart.

Working with the LowPlast project has been an exciting challenge, from collecting plastic waste to finished artwork.
Reierbukta is the area where I collected plastic waste. Reierbukta is a natural area on the coast of Jeloya, an island in Moss where I live.

During the collection of the plastic waste, I became aware of how the plastic had been degraded in nature. Especially heat exposure interested me, either from solar heat or campfire heat, I wanted to test and explore further. I exposed collected plastic to a heating process, and this resulted in a series of works of art I call "Plastic Fantastic". The whole process is documented in the film with the same title.

The vision around the title "Plastic Fantastic" is to provoke our thoughts about human use and throw mentality in relation to plastic. Asking questions about the waste topic: what we need, how can it be reused, what can I do, what demands can we make on the outside world, politicians and consumers etc.